The Den Leaders are the ones who organize the majority of the work, and who have the most fun.  All adult leaders attend Youth Protection Training, California AB506 Training and Cub Scout Leader Training.  Den Leaders plan and organize den meetings, keep track of the Scouts’ advancements, and attend leaders meetings (Committee meetings).  Den Leaders try to engage the parents in the den meetings to the greatest extent possible, both to make the Den Leader’s job easier and to increase the Scouts’ enjoyment. Cub Scouting is a family activity, and den meetings are a great place for family involvement. A parent or guardian is required to attend the Den meeting with their Scout.

Den leader roles and responsibilities

Tiger Den (First Grade)

TBD - will be formed in September of the new school year

Wolf Den (Second Grade)

Den 10 – Matt Brady

Bear Den (Third Grade)

Den 8 – Sid Doshi

Webelos Den – 1st Year (Fourth Grade)

Den 13 – Kash Vinjamur and Mike Cardellini

AOL Den – 2nd Year (Fifth Grade)

Den 7 – Rishi Tembe and Raj Kansal

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